de wuhan, província de hubei, china

Posted on February 6, 2020


Two years ago, Carlos and I went to Hubei and Hunan provinces. We bought a train ticket from Zhuhai to Wuhan and traveled for two weeks without a plan. It was an incredible journey, but also a difficult one – I remember being in Yueyang (Hunan), the day was gloomy with a dark grey sky, and as we walked along the riverbank, we saw a few fishermen trying to sell their products. The boats, nestled up against the dock, were part of an improvised and miserable market, that started on the riverside and stretched over several blocks of that neighborhood. In this area of the city, there was almost nobody on the street, doors were left open, and you could see people lying in bed in small and abandoned garages. It was ice cold.
The day after, we traveled back to Wuhan, our final stop, and we spent the last morning walking along the banks of the Yangtze River – kids were throwing kites, adults making small talk, life just being simple. I am sharing here one of those moments.

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